Experts in footwear cleaning, polishes, and protection products since 1905, Cherry Blossom explains why they have continued their support of the Footwear Industry Awards


Why are you sponsoring the Footwear Awards Ceremony?

Cherry Blossom Premium has been one of the sponsors of the footwear awards ceremony since the brand was launched in 2011. The footwear trade is a very close-knit community, and one of its many strengths is a strong sense of collaboration between retailers and suppliers working together for the greater good.

The Footwear Awards Ceremony is an excellent platform in which to regularly review and reward best practise which serves to reinforce and future proof successful trading for footwear retailers. With this in mind, Cherry Blossom Premium will continue to sponsor this first class event to ensure we are an integral part of supporting the footwear trade’s continued success.


Why should brands and retailers support the industry by entering and attending the awards?

If more brands and retailers enter and attend the Footwear Awards Ceremony, this leads to intensifying competition and inspires higher standards of excellence, thus strengthening the future prospects of every business involved.

This promotes burgeoning collaboration and therefore we would encourage new retailers and brands to step forward and join in the success of this exciting event.