Authoritative UK magazine for the directional footwear and accessories industry Out on a Limb has been a partner of the Footwear Industry Awards since its inception. We caught up with group sales manager Bev Green…

Why are you sponsoring the Footwear Industry Awards?

As massive supporters of the footwear industry, we feel that in these challenging times for the retail sector, it is vital to recognise achievement and success. Hard work, creativity and innovation need to be recognised and rewarded so what better way to do this than through awards that recognise excellence in our wonderful industry?

Why should brands and retailers support the industry by entering the awards?

It’s good to talk … and to be able to share news of your successes, ideas and hard work. By entering the Footwear Industry Awards you are not only promoting your own business but also supporting the industry as a whole. It’s a great way to get your name out there and reap invaluable promotion as well as helping the sector remain strong and united.

Why should brands and retailers support the industry by attending the awards?

The Footwear Industry Awards is not only a highly successful way of recognising all that is good about our industry, it also offers invaluable networking opportunities in a social atmosphere. It allows brands and retailers to mingle and discuss the industry that we love as well as making invaluable contacts and recognising the successes of our fellow footwear peers.